Thursday, March 5, 2009

Michael Winner reviews 'The Lone Star' for the Times Online

I'm not sure if I'm a fan of Michael Winner...he seems to court controversy wherever he goes? However, I think this review of The Lone Star, one of my favourite restaurants on the island (and, by the way, a lovely place to stay) is excellent and really quite funny! Duck pancake anyone?!

I get the feeling that even when he is rude about something he is actually only mentioning it because it deserves mention...Get what I mean? Well, if it was truly awful then he wouldn't have any positives to say, but as he mentions the places he stays at and eats at they must be worth visiting because he is actually staying and eating at them? Make sense now?

Erm, maybe not...Well - have a read of the review anyway...and get yourself to The Lone Star!

By the way, our editor James Henderson visited The Lone Star with his family one long summer ago...have a read about his time there and other Barbados restaurants with children.

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