Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Harum Scarum - Caribbean Flight Frights

As a group of islands, you’d expect the Caribbean to have some, well... ‘sporting’ landing strips. And so it turns out. There are short runways, runways with cross-winds, runways with cliffs at either end, and runways that inconveniently have a hill in the way, just where you’d want the pilot to line up to land.

We have tested them all and have put together a roll of honour – the Caribbean’s top three scariest landings! And here they are. Enjoy...

1 St Maarten
There’s a rather short approach to this runway, so the beach-goers get a bit of a shock from time to time.

2 St Barths
You worry that as it comes in to land the plane will take the hat of the car drivers on the road below.

3 Culebra, off Puerto Rico
And yes, there’s a hill just where you want the pilot to line up here, so you swing around the hillside.

And before you go, if you would like to read a story about landing on Saba, a bright green pimple of an island whose airstrip is shorter than any self-respecting aircraft carrier, then have a look at Landing on Saba - Not Something for the Sane! which is the fourth video in the above playlist.


  1. I've been to Maho Beach to see those planes land in St. Maarten. Quite a sight! I've also been ON a plane landing in Culebra and it is still the most terrifying landing I've ever had. The heat coming off of those hills causes a LOT of turbulence and a lot of drops and dips even up to the moment you land. Our pilot warned us beforehand, but it was still really freaky!

  2. Right, well you just have a couple more flights to make and you're the top craziest passenger ever, lol...Maybe you should make a video of you witnessing all these loopy landings!

  3. HAHA!!!! Oh my!!! Those are great. I'm guessing American Airlines pilots might not make those landings in one piece LOL!

    I'm gonna post a link to this post on my forum, all us Jamaica fanatics would love to see these.

  4. Hi! Great blog. Definitely the go-to place before I treck around el caribe.

    My fam is from Aguadilla, so I have only been to culebra once, and it was by boat - a nauseating, speed "ferry." So I think I might take the scary landing as opposed to the barf-fest boat. LOL

    Anyway, just passing through to say I follow your blog.

    Feel free to pass by mine:



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