Monday, February 1, 2010

Help Us Update Our Guide to Saba?!

Last week we asked you for insider tips and favourite places on St Maarten and St Martin. Thanks for the response. We will also be putting together a guide to Saba nearby. Again, we will be visiting, but it’s good to have a steer before arriving.

Here's what we have so far on our Definitive Caribbean Guide to Saba.

Our main areas of interest are bars and nightlife, hiking, places to visit, restaurants, shops and sports. So if you have a favourite activity or place then please let us know. Plus -

Do you know of any good day sails from the island?

Or spectacular gardens to visit?

Hotel or day spas?

Who are the best yoga instructors and complementary health practitioners?

And finally, because scuba diving us such an important feature of the island – which do you think is the best scuba diving operator and why?

Once again, if you have had a particularly pleasing experience in Saba – or an unpleasant one for that matter - then do please email us at and let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

And thanks for all your emails with suggestions about St Maarten/St Martin….

The editorial team at Definitive Caribbean


  1. For anyone interested in coming to Jamaica for vacation I would first suggest that you not spend the ridiculous amount for all-inclusives, even though they tell you about the great savings. who is really going to eat and drink that much? Come on, and then you have to pay crazy amounts for the activities they offer. I suggest a nice bed & breakfast or hostel. There are pretty nice ones in the Ochi Rios area. I personally stayed at Paradise Jamaica (you can search for it online) and it was really nice. I mean nothing will really compare to thebig hotels, but when you are going on vacation you just want somewhere nice and comfortable to fall asleep. You will save sooooooo much by going this route, and have a chance to really experience what Jamaica has to offer, rather than the fakeness and pretending that goes on in some of those big hotels.

  2. Hi Kerri-Ann

    Nice bit of self-promotion there, thank you for using our blog to promote your business.

    I completely agree with what you are saying though..however, each to their own...

  3. As a person who has lived in the Caribbean for over 17 years and visited many islands, I believe visitors should know that, besides the unspoiled natural beauty, one of the most remarkable things about Saba is the friendliness and genuine happiness of the people here.

    Wherever you go on Saba, you are always greeted with a warm smile. People are willing to take time to talk with you and learn about who you are and why you've chosen to visit their beautiful island home.

    As far as things to do are concerned - the hiking is fantastic and safe - there are no thorny acacia bushes or nasty biting critters. The flora is lush and verdant on most of the trails in the higher elevations, and even hikes through the dry scrub forest in the lower elevations provide a fascinating look at highly adaptive species. The elegant-looking tropic birds soar overhead and stop to check on their nests in the steep cliffs. Saba is home to 12% of the world’s breeding population of red-billed tropicbirds.

    All 3 of the dive shops offer world-class service, with knowledgeable and patient instructors.

    The restaurants are amazing, with very talented chefs and often farm-fresh ingredients. Yes, there is even a wonderful organic farm on this tiny rock, and many people grow their own vegetables or have tropical fruit trees in their yards.

    There are a few bars and local hangouts, only a couple of which are open after midnight. The big night scene thing is Sabaoke (Saba's brand of karaoke)at Scout's Place every Friday starting around 8 or 9pm.

    The tiny museum is lovely, and when it's open a $2 per person fee is charged for an entertaining history lesson and look around the cottage and grounds of the late seafaring Captain Harry L. Johnson.

    Souvenirs and gifts can be purchased at El Momo Folk Art in Windwardside or at many of the hotels or dive shops.

    Recently, Saba's Spa has opened in Windwardside, providing both locals and visitors with naturally inspired treatments health and beauty. By the beginning of November they hope to add a tea room for visitors to enjoy hot or chilled herbal beverages after strolling the charming streets and lanes of the village.

    Saba is an oasis of peace and tranquility, full of unsurpassed natural beauty - truly a feast for the senses in a world starving for a simpler way of life.


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