Monday, January 4, 2010

Be a Tobagonian for a Week and Win a Holiday For Four

Here’s a bit of fun. If you enjoy playing around with video, particularly making comedy, and you dream of the Caribbean, then you could win yourself a week’s holiday on Tobago (UK residents only I am afraid).

To start off 2010 with a laugh, the Tobago Hotel and Tourism Association has launched a competition called ‘Be a Tobagonian for a Week’, in which you have to produce a video explaining your dreams about Tobago and what you would do there - whether you’d like to be scuba diving on the island’s reefs, walking in the rainforest, or just liming (chilling out with a rum punch in hand).

The spec is one minute max and as fun and comic as you can make it. You send it in and they’ll put it live on their YouTube Channel - Tobago Time, where it can be judged. The ever helpful (and clearly eccentric) Duane Kenny of Stonehaven Villas has put together a few examples of what you might say, but he clearly has the advantage of Tobago itself as a backdrop.

British entrants might have to be a bit creative… Perhaps you’ll find yourself in your tropical shirt in the wintry uplands of the Lake District, or making merry with a string band on the seafront in Blackpool in January…

All entries must be submitted by 18 March 2010. The best video (judged on originality, comic value and creativity among other things) wins a stay in Tobago for a week for four people, sponsored by Golden Holidays, including return flights from the UK, accommodation and tours while on island. The winner will be announced on 20 May 2010.

And when they make it on island, the winners will be asked to produce a video diary of their holiday. More fun then…

See the Tobago Time Youtube channel and competition rules on the Tobago Hotel and Tourism Association website.

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