Monday, January 11, 2010

Temenos Golf Club Has Re-opened

Just before Christmas 2009 Temenos Golf Club on Anguilla re-opened. The par 72, 7063 yard course – the only one on Anguilla - was opened by Cap Juluca, the Anguillian resort, on 19 December.

Set in the west of the island, close to most of the resorts, the course, which was designed by Greg Norman and opened in 2006, sits on slightly sloping ground that falls away to the south coast. The shape of the land gives some lovely views from the open spaces of the fairways - five miles across to St Martin, which sits hazily green in the incredibly strong blue of the tropical sky. The sun is hot and strong, glancing off the crests of the swell between the two islands. It’s a spectacular

And the fairways are relatively open spaces. Or that’s what they say… Wide they may be, but they are not easy on ‘erratic’ players, as no two of them run parallel without scrub in between. Go even slightly off course and you’re in the rough, which is an unholy mix of sea grape, thatch palm, tamarind and neem tree. And loblolly – which is what you’ll be doing if you go in there. And then there are the ‘water features’.

Thirteen of the holes follow or cross water, particularly on the back nine. You have to be deft to pick your way through them... There’s a challenge, anyway.

Fir more information about the hotel, please see our Definitive Caribbean Guide to Cap Juluca.

For more information about the island, please see our Definitive Caribbean Guide to Anguilla.


  1. Yes, it is a spectacular course. And the price has beens slashed by half to $225, and only $100 for residents. We live in Anguilla and were lucky enough to receive a tour just before it opened...

    AND, the Fairmont will be starting work on another course in several months, the financing finally in place. It will be more of a tropical links course, so golfers will have two different experiences!

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